Modern Times Review | Ellen Lande

"A magnificent documentary about the natural origins of what we consider to be man-made and the connection between man and nature.”


Saiten | Marcel Elsener (Switzerland)

"intoxicatingly coherent reflection about the relationship between Human, Animal, Technology and Nature."


Storysmith | Phil Jandaly (Denmark)

"Becoming Animals: Emma Davie & Peter Mettler discuss their new documentary"


EFE Verde | Environmental Dissemination (Spain)

"When you see people looking for animals, trying to record nature through photographs you ask if this experience makes them connect with nature or, on the contrary, isolates it as an object."


Film Explorer | Dominic Schmid (Switzerland)

"In the moment where a human being contemplates Becoming Animal on the screen, the possibilities become infinite, like in a hall of mirrors"


HeyUGuys | Steven Neish (UK)  

"An intriguing and uniquely constructed exploration of the world we live in. Hypnotic and visceral - highly recommended."


The Herald Scotland | Barry Didcock (UK)

“genuinely eye opening” and “ a fascinating, thought-provoking and pleasingly free-wheeling film”


Sight and Sound | Josh Salter-Williams (UK)

"Something actually new and full of life came in the form of freewheeling audiovisual essay Becoming Animal...A big-screen viewing recommended"