Host a Becoming Animal Screening

Film is a powerful tool for bringing people together.

Becoming Animal asks us to reconnect with the natural world, activates us to protest and demand change so that we can protect it and keep it safe, or invites us to quietly meditate on the beauty and power of the earth we live in.

We encourage you to organise your own screening, in any venue of your choice and if you are able, make an event of it! Here are some suggestions:

1. Create a screening and combine with a call to action!

2019 saw a profound increase in the activity and visibility of climate activists around the world, something that's only going to increase in 2020.

"The time to act is now! I want you to act as though your house is on fire...because it is!" (Greta Thunberg, youth activist)

From Greta Thunberg inspiring young activists globally to strike every Friday, to Extinction Rebellion pushing to get Governments to declare a ‘climate and ecological emergency’ now is the time to lend your voice.

Gather your community together for a screening, discussion and debate about what you can do locally to make a difference globally.

Watch Greta’s message on solutions to the climate crisis.

2. Screen the film on a full moon

Screen the film on a full moon and carry out our post-screening exercises to fully embrace the spirit of the film.

The full moon dates over the next 4 months are: 

Snow Moon - February 9th, 2020
Worm Moon - March 9th, 2020
Pink Moon - April 8th, 2020
Flower Moon - May 7th, 2020

3. Screen the film this Spring Equinox (2020)

Why not screen the film this Spring Equinox (March 20th, 2020) to mark the changing of the seasons. 

For more inspiration about the importance of these moments, read David Abram's reflections on Solstice.


Please contact us via the online form to arrange a screening. We look forward to hearing from you!

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